DIY Easter Wreath

Easter is around the corner! Yikes! But you still have time to make a wreath for your front door with this easy and inexpensive tutorial.

What a great way to make an entrance for an Easter party or brunch. Plus it’s so cute and colorful that it will just make you smile!

Items that you’ll need:
~75 plastic eggs
1 bag of Easter grass
hot glue gun
ribbon to make your bow
12″ string

Step 1:

Cut out a wreath from a piece of cardboard. I will have to say that I went to Michael’s and purchased two foam wreaths for $9.99 each and then realized when I got home that I was throwing out this huge box that I could easily trace these wreaths. They are 16″ across and fit my doors perfectly. So I took back those wreaths and saved some money! You can use a plate as a stencil and then use a sharp knife to cut out.

Step 2:

After cutting out your wreath, start glueing your eggs onto the cardboard. I made two lines and glued their “butts” together. Also, I tied a string onto the cardboard so that I could hang the wreath on a hook once it was completed.

Step 3:
Once you have covered your piece of cardboard with your eggs, start covering up the holes using your Easter grass. I used the end of a pencil so my fingers wouldn’t get burned. Grab a pinch of the grass, squeeze out some glue and then push into the gaps with your pencil.  You have to use an Easter pencil or it won’t work. Just kidding! I was happy that I found a pencil in the junk drawer and of all pencils a bunny pencil.  Go all the way around and fill in the empty spaces. You can make it as full as you want or not so full.
Step 4:
After filling in the gaps, you can start glueing another row of eggs on top of the existing eggs. There’s no formula to it. Just add them the way you want them to look. I decided to just do a straight line around but you could randomly glue your eggs on.
Step 5:
After glueing all of your eggs onto the wreath, make your bow and tie/glue it onto the top center of the wreath. I used my Bowdabra to make my bow and highly recommend buying one if you don’t already have one! It’s so easy to use and you can make all sorts of bows. I found mine at Michaels and used my 40% off coupon.
Step 6:
Pat yourself on the back! So easy to do and now your doors will look so pretty!
Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I saw this last year but thanks to whoever posted it. :)


  1. I adore the wreaths. Just so you know, every single time I pass a wreath in the store – I think…nope, not as pretty as Mrs. E's wreath! :O)Great Job – as always. And I'm happy to see Mr. L has taken out your Easter bin…I'm still working on Mr. M :O)

  2. Question: Do you find bugs like to hide/sleep in the grass? Since we live only steps away from the driving range lake *lol* – bugs visit our front door to take their last nightly breath. I have the hardest time keeping bugs out of my flower wreaths. What has been your experience thus far?

  3. You are so good, love these!

  4. Cynthia says:

    This is great! I made one myself following your instruction and it came out great! Everyone of my friends where impressed. Cost me $0.00 cause I had everything at home. Didn’t have ribbon but it still looked wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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